Monday, 20 October 2014

My journey continues using the molds taken from original Izannah Walker Dolls

I am fortunate to have acquired the molds, of three different antique Izannah Walker dolls, from the very talented artist Kathy Patterson of  "Babes From The Woods".  Although Kathy will no longer be reproducing the Izannah dolls, she will continue to make her amazing  reproduction English Queen Anne wooden dolls and offer them for sale.

For the past couple of years I have been making and successfully selling my Izannah Walker inspired dolls. They have found homes with collectors around the world.

 I am delighted that I now have the opportunity to create and pass on to the collector exact copies, capturing every detail of the old but still charming dolls.  These reproductions show every detail of the original antiques, including the scuffs, the general wear and tear of the originals and even the finest detail such as the texture of the stockinette fabric.

Please visit my site often, as I will be showcasing  and offering for sale, my latest reproduction Izannah Walker girls.

Milly is 16" tall. She comes wearing her chemise, petticoat, underwear, dress and a stunning bonnet with ribbon trim. All of her clothing is made from antique cotton fabrics. I just love this blue 19th century material that I used for her dress. It suits her so well.

More pictures of Milly.

 Milly without her bonnet

Milly has 5 sausage curls at the back

 Two sausage curls either side with a few tendrils for a nice soft look.

 A closer look at her side curls
 Milly has such a sweet temperament and just loves cats

 Nice lacy petticoat and an "IW" label sewn to the hem of her dress. Her bloomers have a draw string and all her other clothing has button fastenings.

 Comes with her signed and dated swing tags

If you have any questions about Milly please contact me via the contact form on the right hand side of this page.


  1. Congratulations, all of your dolls have been great! I will enjoy seeing these new ones. Are the heads clay with cloth over, or layered cloth?. Edyth

  2. Thank you Edyth. They are made using a liquid composition. This way they take on the absolute appearance of the antique doll.....warts and all.

    1. Thank you Lynda, I see the second one now, these are exciting and lovely.

  3. Hi Lynda,
    Kathy told me the exciting news and i just wanted to let you know that I'm thrilled for you!! I'm very fortunate to own three of Kathy's Izannah dolls and two tiny Sliver sisters. They go very nicely with the small repro doll quilts that I make. I live in Victoria and hopefully i'll get to visit Kangaroo Island, one day... it would be lovely to meet you :))

    1. Thank you Marian, you are very lucky to own 3 of Kathy's dolls. You sound very talented, making miniature quilts. You'll have to get here to KI one day, it's a great holiday destination.

  4. Dear Lynda,
    Milly is so very lovely :-)
    I am so glad that I came over to see her!
    Many Blessings Linnie


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