Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Kitty by The Little Hamptons. Izannah Walker reproduction doll.


 These reproductions show every detail of the original antiques, including the scuffs, the general wear and tear of the originals and even the finest detail such as the texture of the stockinette fabric.

I have just completed Kitty and I'm offering her for sale. She has a composition head/shoulders and cotton stuffed body and is 19" tall .

I have made Kitty a nice red morning dress with Christmas in mind, not so far away now and what better way to wake up than to a pretty Izannah doll wearing her Christmas morning dress.
She has quite an aged appearance picking up all the wear and tear of the original doll.
She has a second skin, chemise, undies and petticoat all made from antique garments and  fabrics from the 1800s. Her dress is also from a nice warm brushed cotton of this era.
I have painted her lace up boots.
Her curls have turned out nicely having 5 at the back and one either side. There are plenty of pictures for you to look at, if you have any questions or if you'd like any more pictures please let me know. I am only too happy to help.

Side view, showing the typical Izannah Walker downward glance.

A close up for you.

Showing a bit of leg for you to see her lacy underwear.

Back ringlets, and back view of her chemise with antique buttons.

Front view of her face, showing the nice colouring in her cheeks and the aging, with darker shade in the crevices etc.

Wearing her chemise and petticoat made from antique lacey whites.

Nice lace edging on the petticoat and a glorious red shade for her dress. More pics below, including a great shot of Kitty's face.


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