Saturday, 16 May 2015


 My latest reproduction of Patience now has clothes!!! and is ready for a new home.

I decided to make a brown skinned "Patience". I haven't made a black Izannah Walker doll before, but i think she looks just as sweet as her white sisters. She is 18" Izannah Walker doll, made from the mold taken from the original antique Izannah Walker doll named Patience. Izannah Walker made a few black dolls which are even more scarce than the others.

She is 18" tall and dressed in a pretty outfit that I have machine and hand sewn from antique clothing and fabric. All the clothing is removable and has hand sewn button/buttonhole or loop fastenings.

She has a very authentic aged look.

These reproductions show the detail of the original antiques, including the scuffs, the general wear and tear of the originals and even the finest detail such as the texture of the stockinette fabric.
The Patience lookalike has the most aged appearance of all the 3 dolls that I reproduce.
She has quite an aged appearance picking up all the wear and tear of the original doll.
She has a nice red cotton second skin, chemise, undies and petticoat and apron, all made from antique garments and fabrics .
I have painted her lace up boots directly onto her feet.

She is signed and dated on the back of her shoulder plate and she has signed and dated swing tags.
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