Friday, 14 August 2015

Izannah Walker Reproduction dolls, Patience and Hannah by The Little Hamptons

I've just completed 2 more dolls. A nice brown skinned Patience, with slightly less wear than her sisters and a Hannah Doll. Patience is wearing a nice red frock and a bonnet and a sweetheart apron, all in antique fabrics. I have given Hannah a pretty pink dress  and white apron as well as a straw poke bonnet.

I still have a few 18 "to 19 1/2"Izzy dolls for sale and some kits for the smaller Izannahs in my Etsy shop.

This is how you receive the doll heads in the kits. They are expertly made from liquid doll composition, which is poured into the doll molds, dried and baked and then given a light spray of Gesso, ready for painting. The pattern for the doll body and underwear is in a PDF file  for you to print out.


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