Saturday, 27 August 2016

New Release!! Three doll kits for larger size Izannah Walker antique reproductions. The Little Hamptons.

After many requests for larger Izzy doll kits, I'm happy to share that I've decided to put together kits for the three dolls, Hannah 19", Patience 18" and Eliza 19". The kits are for an unpainted head of your choice and patterns with instructions in PDF format. I will email the file and post the head to you or if buying from my Etsy shop the PDF files will be available immediately for you to download and I will post the head.
The following link takes you directly to my Etsy shop or you can contact me using the email link on the right hand side of this page.

Examples of some pages from the pattern and instructions for the three kits.

How the doll looks complete with the second skin. This example is Patience. The three dolls are constructed in the same manner. 

Typical shoe painting style for Izannah Walker dolls.

How Eliza can look once painted.
The three antique Izannah Walker dolls that the molds were taken from.

The three reproductions. How they can look once painted and dressed.

 Reproductions that I painted. Eliza, Hannah and Patience.


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