Friday, 16 September 2016

18"-19" Kits for reproductions of antique Izannah Walker dolls, with painted heads by The Little Hamptons.

Now Available!!! Painted heads for kit making. I have painted some larger heads that make full size reproduction Izannah Walker dolls for you to put together in kit form. These are available from my Etsy shop.
I have carefully painted and aged the doll heads, that are made from composition. The kits consist of the doll head and PDF files for patterns for the body and underwear, as well as instructions for making them. The kits are available from my Etsy shop or you can contact me by using the email link on the right hand side of this page.  

Three of the doll heads ready for sale in kit form.

Pictures of Hannah doll. Ive painted some back curls on this one. She has a soft look and is the least aged of the three. She makes a 19" doll.

Patience is the most aged of the three and has a sweet childlike face. She has just the side ringlets and wisps at the back. She makes an 18"doll.

Eliza makes a 19"doll and this girl has a short hairstyle at the back, with side ringlets.  She has red lips and some aging as you can see in the picture. Just like the older dolls she looks to have some slight wear to the edges of the lip paint.


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